Best UI design tools in 2020

The best UI design tools can fit almost every design process, and hopefully meet your creative requirements. Now is such a great time to explore new tools and see what’s available to design and showcase your projects. With so many UI design tools out there, though, which ones should you use? Over the last few

Fear and Productivity

When you are scared that you might run at a disadvantage when you make a mistake, you are likely to refrain from coming up with solutions and ideas to move you forward as you are scared of making a mistake. You are unable to think clearly, let alone creatively, fearing you might be punished for

The Human Impact of COVID-19

As businesses close to help prevent transmission of COVID-19, financial concerns and job losses are one of the first human impacts of the virus. Not knowing how this pandemic will play out also affects our economic, physical and mental well-being. In recent weeks, we have seen the significant economic impact of the coronavirus on financial

Life After COVID-19: The Next Path To Normal

No doubt COVID-19 has changed the world for good and its impact will outlive the period of its stay (which is ending very soon). Businesses and Organizations are now paying serious attention to REMOTE WORKING and ONLINE SERVICE DELIVERY. For those who had integrated this tools before now, the impact of the Pandemic isn’t as

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