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Why You Need An Entrepreneurial Spirit As a Nigerian

Despite the economic, social and political challenges our Nation faces, these turbulent times presents itself with a lot of opportunities both to heal the land and ease our struggle. A brief look into history gives insight as to what accelerate national transformation and economic boom – Entrepreneurship. Whether you want to work under an employer,…
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Handling Information Overload

The Internet holds a wealth of information on virtually any topic one could think of. With a simple search, you can gain access to knowledge about almost any subject out there. In fact, you can often get so much information returned that it’s a little intimidating even knowing where to start. Information overload gets more…
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Preparing The Future Generation For A New World of Work

If you look forward to landing your dream job, then you should prepare for the world of work. In this video, you will learn the skills and tactics to help you prepare for the world of work.  

The Future of Skills by 2030

    It very necessary to keep up with skill that will be much needed tomorrow. Preparing for the future today is key to becoming successful in your career. In this video, we would learn about skills that would be most needful in the future. Watch Video below.  

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