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Scaling Your Business

If your businesses aren’t online, trust me you are out of the world business race.

Every entrepreneur yearns for two things: more time and more money.

We yearn for more time because balancing business career with the demands of family life, friends and other interests, becomes overwhelming and challenging.


We want more money so that we can run our businesses, pay for employees or expand our operations and everything else in between.


Yes, to have more money would be a great achievement, however, it’s wasted if you don’t know how to spend or properly invest that money on marketing or growing your business.


Setting proper and reasonable goals is crucial for anyone who’s serious about scaling their business, making more money, producing more products or achieving any other dream.


They need to be smarter goals and there needs to be powerful reasons behind why those goals absolutely must be achieved.


The truth is, it’s often hard to find time to do anything in life especially when you’re enthralled in the risks of building or scaling a business to any degree.


By creating a good plan, taking action and staying persistent, you can leverage the following methods to scale your business and make more money.


I’m not saying it’s easy. No one ever said it would be. But it is well worth it if you make use of the following ways for scaling your business.

1. Leverage legitimate SEO techniques.




SEO has always seems complex and confusing, one needs to be updated about the knowledge of SEO.


No matter what, SEO really boils down to a few fundamental principles. Those principles are the bedrock for over 200+ rules that go into Google’s current search algorithms.


Learn SEO the right way, leveraging the proper techniques, while adhering to Google’s many rules and you’ll succeed.


Your visibility will eventually grow, resulting in a natural increase in leads and sales. SEO affiliate dominion is the best training I can recommend for you.


2. Create and share content on a blog.


blog_scaling your business


Starting a blog is simple and straightforward. What isn’t simple and straightforward is actually posting useful and unique content that adds a tremendous amount of value, and doing that consistently.


However, blogging is one of the best ways that you can build authority and create an organic audience over time. By becoming an authority, you’ll end up attracting customers rather than chasing after them.


3. Answer questions on Quora.


Quora_scaling your business


Quora was first introduced to me Fatodax. You may want to who is Fatodax click here Quora offers up a great opportunity for online marketers to connect with a massive audience by answering questions and engaging with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Use Quora to spread value and further establish yourself as an authority, effectively helping you to scale your business by boosting your visibility through the platform’s massive footprint.

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4. Run a contest or giveaway.


 giveaway_scaling your business


Contests and giveaways offer another quick way to market. The word free is very enticing, and people will naturally want to sign up for anything that involves a potential windfall prize.


Your giveaway needs to be worth it if you’re going to collect that all-important contact information.


5. Post content on


 medium_scaling your business


Medium is by far one of great sites for content marketing.


This site offers up the ability for anyone to post useful content to market anything online. However, don’t use this to spam. Instead, create useful discussions and tutorials that will further enforce anchor-content on your website. The goal is to market your site the right way and not by spamming links through thin content.


6. Setup a social media content channel.


social media content_scaling your business


Social media offers one of the most abundant opportunities for scaling any business, no matter what type of business you’ve started.


It also offers an avenue to tap into the world’s connected population, quickly and effectively. Clearly, achieving a massive following is no simple feat, but that shouldn’t deter you from establishing a content channel where you can spread value throughout social media to raise the awareness and visibility of your offers.

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7. Build in-depth YouTube tutorials.


youtube_scaling your business


Creating a popular YouTube channel isn’t easy, but it is well worth it. To do it, you have to give in-depth tutorials, helping people to really understand a niche or solve a problem.


Whatever it is that you do, help to educate the world on how best to do it. In turn, you’ll become an authority and an industry leader, ultimately leading to greater exposure and eventually, more sales.


8. Create a lead magnet and sales funnel.


sales funnel_scaling your business


Ask any smart online marketer about how they scale out a business, and they’ll tell you the same thing: build an effective sales funnel.


Draw them in with a value-laced lead magnet and drop them into a funnel where you can sell them on autopilot.


The right sales funnel, split-tested to oblivion, with a clear understanding of your cost-per acquisition, can be scaled infinitely. Not only will you grow your business by leaps and bounds, but you’ll make tremendous amounts of money no matter what business you’re in.


ClickFunnel is the best sales funnel platform you can leverage to scale your business and make more money.



9. Deliver real value through email marketing.


email marketing_scaling your business


 Email marketing is the most powerful driver of sales for leading online marketers and businesses the world over. This isn’t just about your email drip-campaigns that go out automatically, this is about truly reaching out and connecting with your subscribers.


It’s that connection to you that will help sell whatever it is that you’re selling on auto-pilot. However, it has to be done the right way. Not by spamming but by genuinely sharing and trying to help others.


The best book that will share more light to this is Dotcom Secret by Russell Brunson. Order for your FREE hardcopy and pay a token for shipping to anywhere you are in the world. Thank me later!


10. Advertise with AdWords or Facebook.


facebook_scaling your business



Conversion-pixel tracking is a great way to grow your business online by targeting the right audience.


You can do this with a Facebook conversion pixel, while also tracking any event such as shopping cart abandonment or products that were added to a wish list but not purchased and so on.


You can then directly target these individuals with ads, enticing them to come back. Similarly, on Google’s AdWords platform, you can use re-targeting through contextual or search-related ads as well.


11. Setup an affiliate program.



Affiliate programs can drive a significant amount of traffic. In fact, some of the biggest online marketers rely heavily on affiliate income generated through email marketing or pre-existing website or blog traffic.


However, setting up an affiliate program isn’t always simple, since there are so many facets involved. If you’re an absolute novice, turn to some of the leading affiliate sites such as Link ShareImpact Radius and Commission Junction to quickly build an affiliate program.


12. PR outreach via HARO.


HARO_scaling your business


If you’re looking to scale your business through the press, utilize HARO, a platform where reporters seek experts and business sources for comments on articles that they have in the works.


HARO, which is short for Help A Report Out, is a great forum for connecting with reporters, writers and contributors to some of the leading publishing platforms, without attempting to come in with a “cold” message or contact, which often doesn’t pan out.


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