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Why You Need An Entrepreneurial Spirit As a Nigerian

Despite the economic, social and political challenges our Nation faces, these turbulent times presents itself with a lot of opportunities both to heal the land and ease our struggle. A brief look into history gives insight as to what accelerate national transformation and economic boom – Entrepreneurship.

Whether you want to work under an employer, you likely never gain financial freedom without an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurship lies at the heart of financial freedom . By this I don’t mean starting a business necessarily but the ability the see challenges as opportunities to build wealth and influence. Every entrepreneur is a value giver in one form or the other.

As a Nigerian, this present economy may not have been filled with good reports  for you but have you ever stopped to know the reason why others are succeeding in this same ‘struggling’ economy?

The difference between those who are complaining and those who are at peace are those who have succeeded in becoming entrepreneurs not just in what they do as in business but at heart. Having an office or shop to resume at every morning doesn’t make you an entrepreneur, neither do having a product to sell or service to render.

Successful entrepreneurs have created value and wealth for themselves by identifying their environmental and national needs and creating solutions at a level superior to what exists.

If you must build wealth in this economy, you need to be an entrepreneur.

Are you one?


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